School Groups

Rope Runner offers a safe, inclusive, and active outdoor experience for students and youth groups.

Join us for a fun, unique and challenging day out that students and teachers won’t forget!

Our aerial ropes park promotes students to create their own adventure and play at their own pace in a safe environment.

The obstacle course encourages problem-solving skills, self- confidence, communication, and teamwork.

Our CLiC-iT safety system allows participants to be securely attached to the safety cable at all times while they explore the ropes course. There is no special gear or experience needed.


  • Student (7-18) $24.95
  • Adult (18+) FREE

    1 for every 10 paid students

  • Additional Adults $29.95

What's Included

Requirements to Climb
School Group Release of Liability Waiver

Everyone under 19 years of age must have a consenting parent or legal guardian sign their acknowledgement of risk and consent form.*

*The school and youth group consent waiver form is for group purposes and or academic purposes only and will only be accepted at the office under those conditions. If you are a general group or birthday please find link to the online waiver on relevant webpage. If you fill out this waiver, it will not be accepted and we will have to ask you to complete the online waiver upon arrival.