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Rock Climbing In Squamish – Rope Runner’s 3 Tips

The time has come for Rope Runner Aerial Park to offer up their insider knowledge on how to begin your climbing in Squamish, BC.

It is almost that time of the year again when the climbers flock to Squamish to climb the spectacular granite slabs, cliffs and bluffs within the corridor. For those who are coming to Squamish to start their climbing journey, there is ample opportunity to learn the basics, and safely ease yourself into the fundamentals of rock climbing. Rope Runner Park wants to offer our best advice for getting your climbing journey started in this wonderful community.

1. Decide what type of climbing you want to do and the equipment you need to do it (Bouldering or Free Climbing)

Best places to get Equipment in Squamish (ClimbOn Squamish: Climb On Equipment and Valhalla Pure: Climbing Gear for Rock Climbing, Mountain Climbing & More – VPO.CA )

If you’re not sure what kind of climbing you’ll prefer; try them both!

A. Bouldering

Bouldering is definitely a staff favourite here at Rope Runner Aerial Park because of the ease and simplicity it brings. It is the simplest form of climbing in regard to the equipment you need to participate. The only items you’ll need are a pair of climbing shoes, chalk and a “Crash Pad” to soften and protect your landings.

B. Free Climbing

Otherwise, there is also the option of Free Climbing. There are 2 subcategories to Free Climbing including Traditional Climbing and Sport Climbing. The difference is the type of equipment you use while you climb.

2. Get out there and enjoy the abundance of climbing Squamish has to offer. A few favourite areas include:

a. Stawamus Chief: Stawamus Chief
b. Murrin Park: Murrin Provincial Park
c. Shannon Falls: Shannon Falls Provincial Park
d. Cheakamus Canyon: Cheakamus Canyon Climbing Area
e. Smoke Bluffs: ​​Smoke Bluffs Parking

3. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

a. To be comfortable at heights
b. Be comfortable falling
c. Be comfortable using your equipment

One of our favourite places to practice climbing in Squamish is right here at Rope Runner Aerial Adventure Park. Not only do you get the opportunity to get used to being at heights. The trained aerial park guides can assist you with being able to fall and trust your harness will catch you every time!

We hope that these few tips and tricks will help you to begin your climbing adventure in Squamish. Looking forward to seeing you at Rope Runner Park for your next outing.

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