BACK TO SCHOOL PROMO – Tues & Thurs, After 4pm – Children & Youth (7-18) $20 / Adults (19+) $25

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We offer a positive, fun and safe environment for team building to promote team bonding, including communication, trust, empowerment, courage, support, problem solving, decision making, leadership and cooperation

Our Values

Rope Runner aims to encourage participants'

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Empowerment
  • Courage
  • Support
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Makeing
  • Leadership
  • Cooperation


10+ Climbers

Adult (19+) - $40

Youth (10-18) - $35

Child (7-9) - $30

30+ Climbers

Adult (19+) - $35

Youth (10-18) - $30

Child (7-9) - $25

* Excludes 5% GST to be added at the time of purchase
*Excludes School and Youth groups
* The child to adult chaperone ratio for children under 10 is 1:3 and adult must have payed and be on course with child(ren).
* Participants under 19 years of age must have a consenting parent or legal guardian sign their release of liability waiver.
* If under 13 years of age they also require an adult to be present on site at all times, whether on ground or on course.

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Groups of 15 climbers and under

* Discounts automatically applied at checkout
* See other terms below

Groups of 16 climbers and up

* Booking must be made at same time using one credit card
* Climbers must be booked at same session time

Groups of 15 climbers and under can book online with discount pricing automatically applied at booking checkout if booked at the same time. Groups of 16+ climbers, please contact us to book.