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Round up your crew for Squamish Axe Throwing—the ideal adventure to impress your date, amaze your children, or just let your plaid flag fly.
Looking for an opportunity to showcase that awesome new flannel shirt? We have you covered. Have an axe to grind? Squamish Axe Throwing is the perfect venue to bury the hatchet or settle the score.
  • Adult (16+) $19.95
Just reserve a lane in Squamish’s only axe-throwing venue and we’ll take care of the rest.

In under 5 minutes, our team will cover the safety do’s and don’ts and help you master the throwing basics. Within 30 minutes, you’ll be hitting bullseyes and taking names.

Don’t delay! Come on down Squamish Axe Throwing for your one-way ticket to Lumberjack glory!