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School Groups

Running the ropes is a highly effective physical, mental and emotional growth experience

Our Values

Rope Runner aims to encourage participants' communication, trust, empowerment, courage, support, problem solving , decision making, leadership and cooperation.

Run The Ropes Challenge

2.5 Hours - School children ages 10-18

Rope Runner Challenges are designed to increase participant’s skills in problem-solving in a safe and fun atmosphere. For more on the challenges see below.

School Children ages 10-18 - $30

1 free adult for every 10 paid students

Additional Adults (19+) - $25

* Available Monday – Friday only
* Includes 2.5 Fully guided hours with organized challenges
* Session check in 10am with a start time of 10:30am

Regular School Group Session

2 Hours - School children ages 7-18

Mon - Friday - $25

Sat & Sun - $30

1 free adult for every 10 paid students

Additional Adults (19+) - $20

* Includes 2 hour climbing session
* Guided rope runner challenges not included
* Sessions available throughout the day

Age & Height Requirements

In order for a student to climb they must:

  • Be at least 7 years old and the minimum height 124cm (49 inches) and accompanied by a paying adult*
  • Be at least 10 years old and the minimum height 139cm (55 inches) to be by yourself in the park**

* The child to adult chaperone ratio for children under 10 is 1:3 and adult must have payed and be on course with child(ren).
** Children under 19 years of age must have a consenting parent or legal guardian sign their release of liability waiver.

Rates quoted are for groups of 30 students or more. Excludes 5% GST to be added at the time of purchase.

To book or for more information, please contact us

The Challenges

Rope Runner Challenges are designed to increase participant's skills in problem-solving in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Treasure Hunt

  • The group is split into 2 teams and given 6 clues which will lead the around the park collecting numbers to open the treasure chest. This challenge is not a race, however, teams do like the challenge of finishing the treasure hunt first.
  • In this fun team building challenge the students will work together to solve the clues and encourage each other across the elements to reach the treasure.

Walk the Plank

  • This challenge is a partner challenge involving walking across a wooden element in the park blindfolded. Another team member will guide the blindfolded student onto the obstacle all the way until they are safe on the platform at the opposite end.
  • This a trust challenge and also requires clear communication.
  • Teams will be split into pairs to complete this challenge.

Save the Planet

  • This challenge is for the entire group to work out how to transfer a large barrel of toxic waste from one side of the park, through the the 2 “neutralization” zones, and to the other side. They will travel across a no spill route, using only the equipment provided and within an allotted time frame.
  • This is an engaging group initiative activity which always provides a rich teamwork challenge. It involves thinking, imagination, action, fantasy, risk and an problem solving.